Security Alarm Systems , suitable for safety indoors and outdoors in residential, solar parks, business premises.


CCTV Systems. Applications for control and protection of small or large residential properties and bussinesses, outdoor or indoor, using systems with high definition recording & remote cameras from a PC or mobile phone via Internet and 3/4G


Installations, Certifications, Network assement, either with utp wiring or optical fibers.

PC Service


Acess Control Systems (stand alone or with integrated controller) for business areas with potential setups & control payroll staff.


Amplifying systems & equipment for receiving, processing and distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals, multiplexed or not. Applications for hotels, houses, shops and small or large business premises.


Conventional or addressable Fire Alarm Systems for the protection of hotel units, warehouses, stores, shopping centers, but also covers specific areas in dwellings in collaboration with alarm systems.


Monophonic, Stereophonic, P.A and multi-zone audio systems, TV, projection systems, ideal for residential areas, ships, high-rise office buildings, commercial buildings, residential, hotel units.


Door Communication Systems color or b&w for detached house, condominiums or apartment buildings.


Systems and Applications for the management of telephone calls and intercoms through urban lines, internet (voip) for small & large businesses, homes, boats.