Olibidis Bros & Co was founded in early 2005 by Xarilaos and George Olibidis, after 12 years of experience in the sector of security systems and the application of audio&visual equipment.

Our priorities lie on the feeling of security, safety and complete satisfaction of our client. Thus, we did not invest in the easy profit, but in a two-way relationship of trust with our clients.

Beggining 8 years ago from households and small businesses, we preserve and upgrade our quality of work in regard to the domestic and bussiness security, the audio&visual facilitations and the technical support  based on the client’s needs, in relation to personal computers and networks installed into local and international companies.

Following the worldwide technological proccedings, we develop and upgrade complete control systems of handling the power sources in order to reduce the total consumption of a company or household. Our trainning into new electronic systems is constat due to our willingness to reach the thriving progress of technology. Through this procedure we aim to keep providing our clients with even better quality services which fullfill their needs.

In the end of the day Xaris and George Olibidis anticipate a safe and gainful future, for themselves and their client’s life, equally.