2N TELECOMMUNICATIONS is a leading European manufacturer of telecommunications equipment which focuses on small, medium, large enterprises providing operating solutions and serving customers in more than 120 countries globally.

 2N Products are related to the following categories :

  • Intercom systems
  • IP Public Address Systems
  • M2M
  • Wireless Routers
  • SIM Management
  • Lift phones
  • GSM Gateways
  • UMTS Gateways
  • PBX – Private Branch Exchanges
  • Accessories


HiTECH and Awarded 2N Products

helios-ip-verso_enThe 2N Helios IP Verso is a modular security intercom which can adapt to your needs and its purpose of use. For example, it is capable of integrating an HD camera with an infrared light and night vision or a smart card reader. It can also be used along with your current camera and monitoring system and due to the operation of programmable scripts, the whole system can be used as a security component to protect the building.

Moreover, Helios IP Verso intercom is very durable, works perfectly in environments from -40° to +60°C and can endure sudden changes in weather. Communication between individual intercoms and the LAN network is secured due to the usage of the 802.1x protocol and a closed OS which prevent attacks by hackers.

The capability of selecting between several functionalities, the high-level security and durability are the main features  which can cover successfully  the needs of demanding customers.

Case Study

Office Building: The Helios IP Verso security intercom is installed on all doors, where it provides entry control and two-way communication between visitors and building employees. With the help of a LAN network, the IP intercom can also be connected to a camera system which sends HD images. In addition to this, an RFID card reader can be used for entry control, and it can be easily connected to a central access system.


smartcom_proThe SmartCom PRO is a complete Machine-to-Machine solution developed for the wireless centralized management of endpoint devices, such as energy meters, sensors, switches and remote systems, such as vending machines and lifts. Full remote control and administration of your devices is ensured by creating secure, protocol-independent data transmission in the GSM/UMTS network.

Moreover, the system allows the secure storage of data acquired from endpoint devices and to act autonomously according to predefined scenarios. SmartCom PRO supports a broad range of cable and wireless communication standards for endpoint devices. Remote control of integrated switching relays, reading input values or the management of external rechargeable battery backup comes as standard.

This reliable and integrated solution for the remote administration and control of a large number of devices presents an ideal opportunity for you to simplify, improve efficiently and reduce the costs of day-to-day operation.

Case Study

Smart Metering & Energy Management: 2N SmartCom PRO reads and controls the energy meters – electricity, gas, water and heat – gives the end user a precise and immediate overview of energy consumption. It gives energy distributors the ability to check energy deliveries and read meters online.

SmartCom PRO also lets consumers to connect their devices to their own control of individual appliances and home automation or building automation devices (for example, smart sockets or temperature sensors, lights etc.). The 2N® SmartCom PRO is also fully prepared for integration with third party software solutions, and not just in the area of Smart Metering.


netspeaker_shelf_en-u3410NetSpeaker is an IP audio system that enables acoustic communication or other audio stream to be played from a given PC in a LAN/WAN network. For audio transmission over IP all you need to do is to connect a standard speaker or amplifier to the 2N® NetSpeaker, thus creating a virtual central broadcasting system. This allows to any audio to be played with the options to create separate zones with different communication content. A use for this solution is found, for instance, in schools, shopping centres, office buildings, at train stations, in athletic, cultural or health facilities and in many other public spaces.

The NetSpeaker Console with simple controls, a clear display of the set zone and updated information on played soundtracks provides for user-friendly audio playing. The system administrator will certainly appreciate the option of setting access user accounts and their rights to the 2N® NetSpeaker Server. This can be installed either on a separate server or together with the 2N® NetSpeaker Console application.

The currently existing LAN/WAN network can be utilized for installation of the 2N® NetSpeaker. This significantly reduces the time needed to implement the entire device and also saves on installation costs for cabling or modification of 100V wiring.


Case Study

Hotels: 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system is a suitable solution for any hotel offering the best services and looking for new, original ones which improve current services. It provides very easy management of background music to the lounges, bars and conference halls. At the same time you can provide up to 4 independent on-demand broadcast  streams to the various parts of the hotel.